Resolutions for 2012

People are not the only ones who can make resolutions to make themselves better. Nations can do the same. The following resolutions would make our nation better and improve the economy.

Resolution 1: Adopt a single-payer system for health care.

A single-payer system would cover everybody, reduce the nation’s health care costs by more than 40 percent, and prevent medical bankruptcies. Currently, more than 45 million people are uninsured in this country, and 45,000 people die due to lack of health care. By 2019, the Affordable Care Act would reduce the uninsured to 23 million allowing about 23 million deaths from lack of health care, a better, but still imperfect solution. It is time to end the lethal effects of a health care system that relies on private insurance.

Resolution 2: Modify the tax code so that all millionaires pay a higher tax rate than thousandaires, and close loopholes so that profitable companies actually pay taxes.

As Warren Buffet has stated, last year he paid 17.4 percent in taxes on about $40 million while his employees paid anywhere from paid an average of 36 percent on incomes around $60,000. In 2010, General Electric made $14.2 billion in profits, but paid no federal income taxes.

Resolution 3: Our infrastructure will be rebuilt, and taxes will be raised to pay for it.

Our infrastructure’s overall grade of “D” by American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2009 Report Card is unacceptable. The ASCE estimates it will take about $2.2 trillion over five years for the improvements.

Resolution 4: Enact policies that will maintain and create jobs.

We can start with the resolution to rebuild our infrastructure, and provide local and state governments with the necessary funding to keep the number of public employees, especially teachers, fire fighters, and police at pre-2008 levels.

Resolution 5: Make our educational system the best in the world.

According to 2009 study, the United States ranked 14th in reading, 25th in math and 17th in science out of 34 countries. Between budget cuts and the No Child Left Behind Act, the focus has been on making sure that every student meets a basic level of achievement. Our education system will not become superior if we just concentrate on the underachievers. Making education fun and exciting should be a priority so students can naturally excel. We can and must do better, and a good place to start would be by hiring back teachers laid off due to budget cuts.

Resolution 6: Any candidate who does not accept science will be disqualified.

I cannot take any candidate seriously who does not recognize evolution as a valid scientific theory. I find it troubling and discouraging that half of the current Republican presidential candidates do not recognize evolution as a valid scientific theory. Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Rich Santorum have this view. At least Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have expressed limited support for evolution. Jon Huntsman to his credit has expressed strong support for evolution.

When it comes to climate change, all the previously mention candidates disagree with the scientific evidence supporting climate change despite the fact that about 97 percent of climate change specialists think that human activity significantly contributes to climate change.

How can we improve our dismal science education ranking when major political figures deny scientific evidence?

Adopting these resolutions would make our nation stronger and provide a solid foundation for future growth.

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