Bureau Chief Not Informed On Health Care: Part 2

In my  previous blog entry, I quoted Michael Scherer, the Washington Bureau Chief for Time Magazine. He said, “Health care, especially in this country, is an enormously expensive laborious undertaking, and… no one’s figured out how to do it economically and efficiently.” As I also said in my previous blog entry, this is just as true as the “earth is flat” or “the sky is red.”

In response to Scherer’s statement, one expert, Neil Buchanan, had this comment, Yeesh. ‘No one’ has figured out how to do this, as long as you exclude every advanced nation on the planet other than the U.S.

Buchanan is an economist and lawyer. Tax policy, budgeting, deficits, debt, Social Security, and health care reform are included in his areas of expertise, and he supports a single-payer system.

It is time to set the record straight and realize that we can have economic and efficient health care with a single-payer system, and to realize we do not need to live in a world where the earth is flat or the sky is red.

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