Rotten Republicans

The leaders of Republican Party are rotten. There is just no other way to describe an organization that sends out fraudulent fundraising letters designed to look like overdue bills. The Republican National Committee sent out these fundraising letters to at least five states, meaning these fraudulent and unethical actions were purposely planned and executed by the RNC. In addition, letters went to elderly people who are especially vulnerable to such deceptions.

The envelopes had “NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY” on them in big red letters.

The return address was purposely made to look official with variations on the following:


Other versions included the same text with the second line changed to “TEXAS AREA ASSESSMENT,” “MISSOURI AREA ASSESSMENT” and “WISCONSIN AREA ASSESSMENT.”

The letter itself starts out by saying, “This NOTICE OF DELINQUINCY…” even though some people who received the letter have never given or joined the Republican Party. The bottom of the letter shows the membership status as “PAST DUE” with those words circled for emphasis. Reince Priebus, chairperson of the RNC, signed the letters.

This deceitful scheme covered at least five states: Missouri, Nebraska, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

Along with being deceitful, the letters could be illegal. Sending out fundraising letters disguised as invoices is prohibited. The U.S Postal Inspection Service website states:

Title 39, United States Code, Section 3001, makes it illegal to mail a solicitation in the form of an invoice, bill, or statement of account due unless it conspicuously bears a notice on its face that it is, in fact, merely a solicitation. This disclaimer must be in very large (at least 30-point) type and must be in boldface capital letters in a color that contrasts prominently with the background against which it appears.

The U.S Postal Inspection Service is currently reviewing this matter to determine if a formal investigation is necessary.

Apparently, the RNC is so greedy that it is willing scam people to get their money. This is why the Republican Party and its leaders cannot be trusted.


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