Enforcing Fair Play

Way too many decades ago, when I was on the high school water polo team, we were having a 6-on-5 practice. I normally played goalie, but for the practice I was needed in the field. My field skills were average since I did not play outside the goal that much.

I was assigned to play defense against one of our better offensive players. I could see the gleam in his eye as he took his position next to me. He was soon disappointed when I made a couple of good defensive plays.

On the next play, he did some nasty stuff under the water and won that round. This was not a surprise because in water polo there is plenty of nasty stuff that goes on under the water. On a good day the referees will catch about half of it.

On the following play I returned the favor and won that round. My efforts earned me a dirty look. We traded nastiness and victories for the next two rounds. At the end of it my teammate told me to stop. I just smiled. When he played dirty again, I returned the favor on the next play.

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John Oliver Nails Hypocrisy on Voter ID Laws

John Oliver is back and his show “Last Week Tonight” nailed the hypocrisy of Voter ID laws yesterday.

As Oliver pointed out from 2000 to 2004 there were more than a billion votes cast and 31 possible incidents of voter fraud. He also cites examples of how hard to to get a an ID is some states along with examples of how many people are affected.

Take 15 minutes and watch the video. It will be worth your time to become knowledgable on this important subject.